Microsoft update affects our website...

If you receive this notice
while trying to listen to audio
or view video on our website:

Simply click the OK button to activate the media.

Here is some further info on the error:

Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Update

In October 2005, Microsoft lost a US $521 million lawsuit to Eolas over patent infringement. This forced Microsoft to make changes to Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.

These were previously available as an optional update (KB912945).  However, Microsoft rolled these updates into their "critical updates" starting April 11, 2006. This automatically installed the update on any Windows XP computer that has Automatic Updates enabled.  This update directly effects the way Internet Explorer handles multimedia applications, such as embedded movies, Java applications, and Flash applications.

Before the update, you could interact with these applications directly. For example, if a movie is playing in an application and you want to pause the movie, you would click the pause button in the application—just one mouse click.  After the update, the application will ignore all user input until you first click the application. For example, to pause a movie, click the movie once to activate the control, and then click the pause button—two mouse clicks.

(Note: Apple Computers [QuickTime], Adobe Systems [Macromedia Shockwave] and Virtools [Virtools Web Player] are working on new controls that would not have the following described Microsoft behavior.)

QuickTime and Shockwave Player

Some plug-ins, like QuickTime and Shockwave, have a message and activation requirement.  A popup window appears that states, "Click to run an ActiveX control on this webpage."  Click OK to activate the media.

Flash Player, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player

Any webpage that imbeds audio or video for Flash Player, RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player requires a click by the user to activate the application, and then the user can click the desired button on the player or right-click to display a menu of player options. If the webpage already is set to automatically play an audio or video file, it does start immediately. However, to pause or stop the media, you must first click the video or the controls toolbar to activate it. There are one of two ways to activate the media:

  1. When you place your mouse over the media you'll see the message, "Click to activate and use this control." The message disappears after a few seconds, but reappears when you move the mouse over it again. A left-click activates the media.
  2. If you are using the keyboard, you may see the message, "Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control."